The Kosher restaurant GOSTIJO offers Glatt Kosher catering meals, for individuals as well as groups and events.  Meals can be delivered all over Greece.


  • The meals are prepared daily by a professional chef.
    A basic meal includes: a main dish of meat, chicken or fish, 2 side dishes, a salad, a bread roll and a desert. For 23 Euros. 
  • For companies and events, more options are available.
  • Shabbat special:  2 complete meals with Challot for 52 Euros.
  • You can also purchase a bottle of wine for 10 euros.
  • Shipping of meals in Greece: Flat fee of 30 euros for most destinations
  • Under the strict supervision of Rabbi Mendel Hendel (Chabad of Athens).
  • Minimum advance order: 1 week. 

For more information and to order: