Is there a Kosher restaurant in Athens?

Yes! There is a Kosher restaurant since August 2011. More information here.

Can we have Kosher  meals delivered to the Greek islands, Mykonos/Santorini/Crete etc.? 

Yes, please see the information about our catering service here

Are there Shabbat meals we can attend?

You are welcome to join us for the Shabbat meals at the Chabad House, please reserve. Alternatively, you can order a Shabbat package though our catering service.

Can we stay at the Chabad house?

Unfortunately, we don’t have sleeping accommodations, but there are many hotels in all price ranges, close to us. Some suggestions here.

Is there a Mikva in Athens?

Yes, there is. For more information and to make an appointment click here.

Is there an Eiruv in Athens?

No. There is no Eiruv in Athens.