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Arie's Story

The new old school bus

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Once, the Rebbe was walking in the street and he saw the director of the Jewish school checking out a school bus that was for sale. When the Rebbe asked him why he was looking at it, the director answered he wants to buy it, since, thank G-d, there are many students in the school and they need another school bus.

When the Rebbe asked him “Why don’t you buy a better and newer school bus? This one is very old and not in the best condition”, the director answered he does not have enough money.

What the Rebbe told him, I think, is a great lesson for all of us: “Everything is according to your standards. If you are think an old school bus is sufficient, then you will not have enough money for something better. If you considered that a good school bus is essential for the student’s wellbeing, then you would find the needed funds”.

We need not be satisfied with the small, the little, the old but put ourselves high standards and goals and reach for them.

Shabbat Shalom,

Arie from the Yeshiva

The famous doctor of Hannipol

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There was once a Jew who was ill and he asked his rabbi for a blessing for a complete recovery. The rabbi sent him to the village Hannipol (Anipoli in Poland) to see the doctor there, who will be able to cure him. So the Jew went to Hannipol, but did not find any doctor there.

He went back to his town, told the rabbi that he did not find any doctor in Hannipol, and asked him whom he had in mind. The rabbi asked him: “When one of the inhabitants of Hannipol becomes ill, what does he do?” The patient answered that since they don’t have a doctor there, the only thing they can do is pray to G-d to heal them. The rabbi answered him: “This is the Doctor to whom I sent you as well”.

G-d wants us to do many things on our own and not to find them ready. But this can cause us to forget that everything and not only our health is dependent on G-d, and to start relying just on ourselves. We need to stop from time to time and remember that everything comes from Him and not from us.

Shabbat Shalom,

Arie from the Yeshiva

My birthday and the atomic bomb

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I heard a story that I would like to share with you. Once, shortly after the discovery of the atomic bomb, a young boy stopped the Rebbe in the street and asked him if this discovery was a positive one, since it was used to kill so many people. The Rebbe answered: “You have a knife at home, right? Is the knife good or bad? It depends on the purpose for which you use it. To cut vegetables is good, to kill people is bad. It’s the same with the atomic energy. It depends on the purpose for which people use it”.

Today, I celebrate my birthday! On the day we were born, just as on every day when we wake up, G-d gives us new strengths. Each one of us decides how to utilize them. Our birthday is like a alarm clock. It reminds us of the first day that G-d gave us all of our capabilities. It causes us to ask ourselves if we use them in a positive way. The answer is that it is in our hands. We simply need to make the right decision and then act according to our resolution.

Shabbat Shalom,

Arie from the Yeshiva

What to ask for on the day of your wedding

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In one town, there was a custom for each couple to go to the rabbi before their wedding in order to get his blessing. Each time, after the blessing, the rabbi would explain to the couple that the day of the wedding is very important and that their prayers on this specific day are accepted.

Once, the Rabbi asked one bride what she will pray for. She answered that her life until now had been easy and that she would like to ask G-d for everything to continue easily. The rabbi then answered: “In life, nothing comes by easily and it is not right to waste this holy day [of the wedding] to ask for something that cannot be. You need to ask G-d to give you the strength to overcome all the obstacles in your life and succeed in having a home based on the values of Torah and the commandments of G-d”.

The knowledge of what lies ahead of us in our lives always helps. It may not be the day of our wedding but we need to know that life is not easy and that we need strengths to help us to rise above it.    

Someone who has an easy life doesn’t truly live. Because in real life, there will always be something that will stop us and that we need to overcome.

May G-d give us the strength to live our lives truly and rightly, until the coming of Mashiach now.

Shabbat Shalom and Chanukah Sameach!

Arie from the Yeshiva

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