The footsteps - Nitsavim-Vayelech

Wednesday, 9 September, 2020 - 9:27 pm

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A famous story tells about a man who turned to G-d with a question: “You promised me that you will walk along with me throughout my journey in life, but looking at the path, I see only one set of footprints… Where were You during all the difficult moments?” G-d answered him: “The footsteps you see are Mine. I was carrying you on my shoulders during the entire journey”.

In this week’s Parasha Nitsavim-Vayelech, we learn about the end of our exile (whoever does not feel we are in exile should open a newspaper in order to be reminded…). The expression the Torah uses is “G-d will return all the Jewish people”. In Hebrew, we use one word when someone himself comes back and another one when someone returns something. The word the Torah uses is the first one: in the final Redemption, G-d will also return, G-d will also be redeemed. Because in the most difficult moments, He is there, with us.

Let us remember this in the difficult moments and not despair. G-d is here, our pain is also His, and He cares for us. Let us make one step towards Him and we will all merit the Redemption. G-d is awaiting us,

Shabbat Shalom,


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