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How to talk so kids will listen? - Emor

Thursday, 29 April, 2021 - 4:38 am

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How to talk so kids will listen?

How can we give over our traditions and our values to our children?

These are big questions that preoccupy all parents and teachers. This week’s Parasha Emor gives us a precious advice.

“G-d said to Moses: Tell the Kohanim (Priests) and tell them…” and introduce the laws of ritual purity. But why the repetition? Why say twice “tell them”? Our Sages explain that this indicates that the Kohanim also have to give over this message to their children, and the older ones have to watch over the younger ones and make sure that they keep the laws.

But the word the Torah uses is not to “teach” but “to enjoin” (lehazhir), which comes from the same root as “to shine.” (zohar). Thus, the Torah teaches us how to convey messages, with light and joy, with love and patience. Not with shouting and punishments…

When the older ones teach the younger ones, the students are not the only ones to benefit. The Talmud mentions that when one person teaches and helps another, G-d “opens the eyes” of both. Eventually, the teacher will end up with a better understanding than before.

I personally see feel this very strongly. Every time I write to you, I need to study the subject well, and in this way, I understand it and I remember it better. It is the same when I study for a test with a friend that has difficulties with the lessons, I benefit from it as well.

Let us think how we can transmit important values to the people in our circle of influence. Let us do it in a shining manner, full of love and patience. Let us remember that this is not a waste of time, because eventually not only will we have helped someone else, but we will benefit ourselves as well.

Shabbat Shalom,



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