An instructive handwriting analysis - Korach

Thursday, 10 June, 2021 - 7:58 am

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Did you ever hear of the graphic analysis of Korach?

In this week’s Parasha Korach, we read about the rebellion that Korach led. Korach wanted equality among the people. Why should there be spiritual leaders, Moses and Aharon, who should be more important than the rest? We are all Jews, and we can decide what to do on our own. The Sages should not get involved in physical matters.

But Korach made a mistake. G-d wanted for the world to have harmony between the thought and the wisdom, and the actions. The spiritual leaders guide the people, actions are guided by thought and wisdom.    

We do not have in our hands a sample of Korach’s writing. But Kabbalah helps us analyst the letter of the name of Korach and learn a lot.

The right balance between thought and action appears in the letter Hey, ה. The line on top represents the thought, the right line represents the speech and the left one represents the action. The line of the action is a little shorter than the others, symbolizing that it obeys and follows them.

The letters of the name Korach קרח, all resemble the Hey, ה but there are a few differences which reveal his arguments.

ק – The line of action continues lower than the other lines. The people – action – do not follow the thought – the words of our Sages. This is what Korach wanted. But in this way, they are in the danger of falling very low…

ר – There is no line of action. Korach wanted spirituality to say away from action. Religion should be expressed only in the synagogue. The sages with their affairs, and the people with their own affairs.

ח – The line of action is equal to the others. In other words, action on its own is equal is equally important with the thought. Someone that deals with the world does not need to add spirituality in their life. Action is enough.

The story of Korach reminds us to keep the right balance between study-thought and action, between spiritual leaders and the people. We need it all.

Shabbat Shalom,

Based on the article of Rabbi Chaim Heber  

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