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Thursday, 17 June, 2021 - 10:14 am

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In this week’s Parasha Chukat, we continue to read about the journey of the Jewish people in the desert. On their way, they had to go through a narrow path between two mountains. The problem was that their enemies knew that they had to go through there and prepared them an unpleasant surprise from the top of the mountains… It was a perfect plan, but they did not take into account G-d’s protection of His people. G-d caused both mountains to unite, crushing in between them the enemies who were waiting there. Then, the mountains went back to their place as if nothing happened.

When the Jews finally arrived at the pass between the mountains, everything was quiet and peaceful. Then, how do we know the story? It was important for G-d that we should know what He had done for us. So, He created a river that passed through there and carried away with it the bodies etc. of the warriors. The Jews then understood that they had once again been saved by G-d and started to sing and praise Him.

How does it all concern us?

First, it is always touching to think about all the miracles that G-d does for His people. How much He loves us, how much He cares for us! Sometimes, we do not even notice it because He protects us so well. And He continues to do so even when we do not behave exactly as He wishes.

Second, we realize how important it is to thank G-d for what He gives us. G-d made an extra miracle for us to learn what had happened, exactly for us to have the opportunity to express our gratefulness. When we thank G-d for everything we have, we gain double. We appreciate more what we have, and when G-d sees it, He wants to give us even more.

Let us thank G-d for everything that He gives us. We can every evening before going to sleep think about 5 good things that happened to us during the day and thank Him directly, in our own words. Or simply at various moments during the day, when we realize that something good happened to us, such as closing a good commercial deal, or just succeeding in making a recipe or crossing safely a busy boulevard. At this moment, let us just lift our eyes and say ‘thank you!’. Things may look calm and peaceful, but in life they are all small or big miracles.

Shabbat Shalom,


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