Where are you, man? - Bereshit

Friday, 1 October, 2021 - 9:22 am

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In this week's Parasha Bereshit, we read about Adam who did not resist the temptation to eat from the Tree of Knowledge, which G-d had forbidden him to do. After his sin, he Adam went to hide, and G-d called to him: “Ayeka?” “Where are you?”.

The first Rebbe of Chabad, Rabbi Shneor Zalman of Liadi, once met with an educated minister who asked him the classic question: “Why did G-d ask Adam where he was? Didn’t G-d know?”. The minister was not satisfied with the classic answer that this was a way for G-d to start a conversation with Adam. The minister wanted a deeper answer. The Rebbe became serious and explained to him that the question “Ayeka” was not about the physical place of Adam but had to do with his spiritual situation. G-d asks Adam and each one of us “Where are you?”. Are you doing your duties? Are you using the talents and strengths that you were given? Are you fulfilling you mission for which I sent you to this world?

If we start each of our days with the question “Ayeka?”, “Where are you?”, it is certain that our days and our years will be more productive. One step at a time, one more Mitsva (for instance, for Shabbat candles click here, for Tefilin click here), and then we will be closer to the fulfilling of our mission.

Shabbat Shalom,



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