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The question that will “prevail” over G-d - Vayakhel

Thursday, 28 February, 2019 - 8:00 am

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Some people are convinced that the have THE question that the rabbi will not have the answer to. The question that will “prevail” over G-d and after which they will not need to keep His commandments anymore.

Are there such questions?

One man asked the Rebbe about the Tefilin, which are made from leather. He said he cannot wear them, since he is vegetarian and does not wear anything made of animal skin. He cannot use anything that was made through hurting animals. The Rebbe explained to him that the Tefilin are not necessarily made from the skin of an animal that was slaughtered but can also be made from the skin of an animal that died naturally. There is a big chance that his Tefilin were made without incurring any animal suffering and therefore he can wear them without worry and fulfill G-d’s commandment.

Each Friday, I go with my aunt to a shopping mall and we distribute candles to the women there so they can light them for Shabbat. Once, a woman asked me what value is there in her lighting candles, since she will not keep the rest of the Shabbat. I explained to her that with each Mitzvah, we unite with G-d. The Mitzva is eternal, above the limits of time. The connection we created with G-d at this moment is invaluable. What the person does one minute before or two minutes after does not change that.

One student in my school asked the teacher why she should keep the physical Mitsvot. Shouldn’t our connection with G-d be spiritual, through our feelings? The teacher explained to us that if G-d wanted us to serve Him only spiritually, He would not have sent us to this physical world. We would have stayed as souls without bodies. We were sent to this physical world in order to do physical actions. This is what G-d wants from us.

All the questions have an answer. We just need to ask the right person in order to get them.

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