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A spontaneous Mitsva - Ki Tetse

Thursday, 12 September, 2019 - 8:14 am

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How important is it to make preparations before doing something? Are you the organized type or more spontaneous?

In this week’s Parasha Ki Tetse, we learn about the Mitsvah of Shiluach Haken (Sending from the Nest): the Torah tells us that if, while walking in the street, we see a nest with eggs or chicks and we want to take them, we need to send away the mother and not take advantage of the fact that the mother stays close to her young, in order to catch her as well. G-d promises a long life to those who do it.

What is special about this Mitzvah that it cannot be planned. It happens suddenly, when we find a nest by chance and happen to want to take the eggs.

This teaches us that is not necessary to make many preparations before doing something good. We do not need to look for a special occasion. Mitzvot show up in front of us during the day and we need to seize the opportunity to accomplish them.

We suddenly remark that our colleague is bothered by something. There is no need to waste time and make a whole plan about how to approach him/her and see if we can help. We can simply ask about how they feel.

A friend of us suddenly tells us that he/she is going to an interesting Torah class. Even if we didn’t have it on our program, we can join them!

Or someone suddenly asks for help about a certain matter. Even if our weekly volunteering is already arranged, we can still see about how we can manage to help.

Naturally, we also must have our programmed Mitsvot. But there is something special in those extra Mitsvot that we simply find here and here. When we do them, this shows that we really want to do the right thing and we are not doing it only because “we must”.

In the merit of all these Mitzvot, both programmed and not, may the Mashiach come now!

Shabbat Shalom!


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