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An awful murder - Bereshit

Thursday, 24 October, 2019 - 5:23 am

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We’re talking about one of the worse murders of human history. A murder where one person killed a third of the men of the entire world.

Everything started with a cute baby called Cain who was born to Adam and Eva. Cain got a baby brother who was called Abel. Cain probably started to be jealous already then until the explosion happened.

Cain and Abel decided to bring a sacrifice to G-d. Cain brought something small, from the vegetables of his field, while Abel brought a sacrifice from the best animals he had in his flock. Guess what happened then…

A fire came down from the Heaven that consumed only Abel’s sacrifice, while Cain’s sacrifice remained untouched. Cain’s anger and jealousy were immense, overwhelming. Shortly after, the first murder of history happened: Cain killed his brother, who constituted 1/3 of the male population then (Adam, Cain and Abel).

We are all subject to anger, jealousy and other feelings that push us towards certain actions, not always positive… But what can we do? This is our human nature. Anger and its companions are overwhelming, irresistible. Or are they? Can one say that s/he does not have responsibility for his/her actions because circumstances or anger caused him/her to act in a certain way?  

A little before the murder, G-d revealed Himself to Cain and asked him why he was angry. On this occasion, G-d explained to him the human system He created. In each one of us, there is the Yester Hara, the inclination towards negative things. G-d placed it inside us, and it is almost impossible to get it out of us. But along with the Yetser, G-d gave us the power to overcome it. The way we behave depends on us. There is no passion that we cannot master, with one condition. We need to will it. If we will it, we will manage it.

Let’s utilize the powers within us. Let us not succumb to anger. Let us not control ourselves. This is how we will have a better life and achieve the coming of Mashiach, may it be speedily.

NB: Happy birthday! My blog is celebrating today 4 years and is starting its fifth year with full force! I give thanks to G-d who give me the strength to write. To the Rebbe, whose teachings are the inspiration for my posts. To Nina and my mother, who with patience edit my tests. To all of you who read my writings and especially those of you who send me feedback and give me the strength to continue even during the exam period or while I’m in summer camp. May all the nice ideas that I write about influence me and you and bring us closer to the perfect world, with the coming of Mashiach.

Shabbat Shalom,


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