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THIS was the turning point of the story - Vayeshev

Thursday, 19 December, 2019 - 9:25 am

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Joseph, son of Jacob, was in an awful situation. As a small child, he had lost his mother. At age 17, his brothers sold him as a slave to a convoy of merchants until he was finally sold in Egypt. The wife of his master plotted against him and had him sent to jail. It seemed that he could not get any lower… What could possibly change his situation?

The turning point of the story came when two servants of Pharaoh were thrown into jail with Joseph. One night, they dreamt strange dreams, and woke up very worried. Joseph noticed that something was bothering them and asked them what happened. When he heard of their dreams, he gave them an interpretation, and this interpretation proved true. Two years later, Pharaoh will also dream two strange dreams which no one will succeed to explain. Suddenly, the servant will remember Joseph and recommend him to Pharaoh as a dream interpreter, which will result in Pharaoh liberating Joseph and making him his viceroy.

Did you notice when was the turning point where good things started to happen? It was when Joseph, despite his personal troubles, didn’t forget that he was there for a purpose. When Joseph, even as he was going through difficult days himself, cared about other jail mates who were sullen one day. This is where his redemption started.

This story has a lot to teach us. First, how important it is to care for someone else. A small “good morning”, which doesn’t cost anything, can be very meaningful for someone else.

Second, what happens to us when we help someone else? Our own lives change and become full of meaning. This si the beginning   g of the redemption: the personal redemption of each individual and the collective redemption of the Jewish people with the coming of Mashiach, very soon.

As I‘m writing to you, I’m on the way to the airport to travel to New York, to the Rebbe, together with a few of my friends. There, we will study in the Rebbe’s synagogue and pray at his resting place. The Rebbe, who always cared for each person, physically and spiritually, and taught us to do the same. The Rebbe, who is not a simple rabbi, but the leader of the Jewish people.

I’ll be happy to pray for you as well. Please send me your Jewish name and the Jewish name of your mother (For example, Hanna bat Nehama)

Shabbat Shalom and Happy Chanukah!


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