Who can see G-d? - Ki Tisa

Thursday, 12 March, 2020 - 9:30 am

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A child calls his friend to join him in the sea.

-But the water is cold!

-In 5 minutes you’ll be used to it already.

-Then I’ll go in in 5 minutes…

In this week’s Parashah Ki Tisa, Moses asks G-d to see him – “Show me your glory”. G-d answers that He’ll be able to see him only from His back, but that he won’t be able to see His face.

What does this conversation mean? G-d doesn’t have a body that one could see…

Moses asked G-d to reveal to him the way He rules the world. Why are there good people that are suffering and bad people who live very well? What is G-d’s logic?

G-d answered him that it’s impossible for the human to comprehend the reason for everything that happens. G-d and His wisdom are unlimited. A simple human, with his limited mind, cannot get it.

But sometimes man can understand his Creator – when looking backwards. By analyzing the past, we may come to realize that even though something seemed incomprehensible and unbearable at the time it happened, it was ultimately for our good.

When we go through difficult times, let’s remember that G-d has a plan with which He rules the world and nothing happen without a reason. Even though we can’t understand it right now, in the future, it will be revealed that it was for our good.

When Moshiach will come we will understand it all, to the level that we will thank (!) Him for all our suffering over the years.

Let’s increase our faith and do one more Mitsvah, so G-d will bring us Moshiach very very soon!

Shabbat Shalom,


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