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Thursday, 2 April, 2020 - 6:00 am

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“What is the most important sentence in the Torah?” a few Talmudic Sages wondered. What do you think?

One rabbi said it was “Shema Israel” (Hear O Israel, G-d is your G-d, G-d is One”. Another rabbi said that it is “Veahavta Lereacha Kamocha” (Love your fellow as yourself). Rabbi Shimon ben Pazi though chose another verse: “You will offer the first lamb in the morning and the other lamb in the afternoon”, which speaks about the “Korban Tamid” (Perpetual Offering). The other rabbis agreed with him and this was their final conclusion.

This sounds odd. What is so special about this daily offering?

We also ask ourselves why this sacrifice is called “Perpetual Offering”, since it is only offered twice a day. It would be more appropriate to call it, daily offering, or regular offering. Since it was not being offered all the time…

Here lies an important lesson – the power of the small and regular practices. These influence our entire day and our whole personality. In practice, they may happen only at some point during the day, but their influence is perpetual.

Our Sages tell us that it is better to give 5 cents every day to charity, than to give 1 euro a month. The final sum may be about the same, but with this daily giving, the person gets more used to being generous.

Something small but daily has more value that something big that happens only once. A daily smile and care for a loved one is more valuable that a great birthday party… the examples are endless.

Especially these days that our routine is so unusual, we need to choose a few daily things that will boost us. Put a coin every morning (except Shabbat) in the Tzedakah box, read every day an article on a Jewish theme on, spend 5 minutes saying the Shema, while wearing the Tefilin (for men), devote 10 minutes daily to call someone who may feel lonely etc.

In the merit of our small actions, G-d will certainly bring us Mashiach together with the solutions to all our current problems!

Shabbat Shalom!


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