Perfect timing for Pesach

Tuesday, 7 April, 2020 - 5:23 am

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This period, when huge changes happen every day and new procedures and rules are implemented, is the perfect time for Pesach.  

How do people change? Usually, we think that the procedure needs to happen in stages, slowly-slowly.

Yet, there is a second way, the abrupt changes.

The word Pesach comes from the Hebrew word “pass over”, leap. The holiday received this name because G-d passed over the Jewish homes during the plague of the death of the firstborn, without hurting them.  

Looking deeper, the message of Pesach is that is possible to make abrupt changes. We do not always need to advance gradually step-by-step, but we can leap forward. At one moment, the Jews were slaves, the next, they were free. At one moment there seemed to be no hope to leave from Egypt, the next, Pharaoh was begging them to leave as fast as possible. Things can change abruptly.

Sometimes, we hesitate to start something, even though we know it will be good for us, because we think the process will be long and complicated, and we are afraid that we will finally not succeed. But we can simply gather our courage and start. It’s not impossible. The only thing needed from us is to overcome the fear inside us.

Let’s start something good that we believe we cannot manage. Without a lot of thought and procedures. Just Do It!

Now, more than ever, we know that things can change abruptly in ways we never imagined. This is somehow the way things will be when Mashiach comes with the Final Redemption. Suddenly, everything will change. But this time, for the good. Illness, death and all the problems will disappear and there will be so much good in the world that we cannot even imagine it. Let us add our little effort to make this happen more speedily.

Pesach Kasher Vesameach!


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