Tambourines in the Desert - Last Days of Pesach

Tuesday, 14 April, 2020 - 4:34 am

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During the last days of Pesach, we celebrate the Splitting of the Red Sea and the final and complete Redemption with Mashiach, we hope very soon.

After the Jews went out of the Red sea, they saw it close back on the Egyptians pursuers and they understood that they were saved. Immediately, the women took out their tambourines and started to sing and praise G-d.

But…. the Jews were in the desert! Where did the Jewish women find these tambourines in the middle of nowhere?

Our Sages explain that the Jewish women always had faith and believed that they will be liberated and that G-d will make big miracles for them, even in the darkest days of the slavery. This is why they made tambourines before, in order to be ready when the miracles would happen, to sing and praise G-d with them.

There are many common points between the Exodus from Egypt and the Redemption that will come with the Mashiach. One of them is the special role of the women, thanks to whom we were liberated then and will be liberated in the future. Even in the darkest and most difficult moments of our lives, we must continue to believe, to await and prepare for better days.

A very nice custom, which renews and revives our faith in the coming of Mashiach is the meal of Mashiach. We do it the last day of Pesach (i.e, this Shabbat), in the afternoon. In this meal we eat Matsah, we drink wine, we sing Jewish songs and we speak about Mashiach. We remind to ourselves and to others that he can come at every moment and we encourage each other to make one more good action which will hasten his coming and the end of all our sufferings.

Chag Sameach & Shabbat Shalom!


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