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Thursday, 7 May, 2020 - 7:09 am

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Albert Einstein is reputed to have once stated, "If my theories prove correct, the Germans will claim me as a German, the French will say I am theirs and the Americans will call me their own. If my theories are incorrect, they will all say I am a Jew."

How proud are we when one of us is mentioned for his good deeds, when a Jew wins the Nobel prize. And conversely, how ashamed are we if there is a moral or financial scandal involving one of our own. Fair or or not, it is a fact that Jews and their actions are examined much more carefully. Each and every one of us represents his faith, his nation and his G-d.

In the weekly Torah portion Emor, we learn about the Mitzva (commandment) to sanctify the name of G‑d. This means that we should behave in a way that will cause the world admire G-d and our devotion to Him.

The classic interpretation is as follows: if you’re given the choice to convert or die, you shouldn’t deny G-d. We all have in our family history such heroes who preferred exile, poverty or even death – for their faith.

Today we could freely be Jews. No one asks us to die for our believe. We are required to live for our belief. When we act nicely, correctly and honestly, we create a “good name” to Judaism and to G-d.

Here is a classic example for  background-clip: initial">sanctifying the name of G‑d: if someone was given more change than he deserved and gave back the money to the cashier. Of course, this is the correct way of behavior, but there are also some people who would not inform the other of his error. Since the Jew acted correctly, he brought honor to himself, but also to the entire Jewish people and to G-d.

Let’s think about it next time we have a dilemma how to act. Right behavior will sanctify the name of G‑d.

Let us always be good ambassadors.

Shabbat Shalom!


Based on Rabbi Yossy Goldman's article 

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