Why the need for “Don’t steal”? - Shavuot

Tuesday, 26 May, 2020 - 10:17 am

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Why does the Torah command us “Don’t Steal”?

Some think that G-d created man and suddenly realized that he has an inclination to steal. Oy! Immediately He opened the Torah and added a commandment: “Don’t steal”.

But what really happened was different.

G-d wrote the Torah before He created the world and created the world according to the Torah. Man’s inclination didn’t happen by mistake. It was created on purpose, in order to challenge the person and to give him the opportunity to act properly despite the difficulties. G-d has a special pleasure from seeing us winning these small-big battles.

There are two types of statutes: statutes that create life and statutes created by life.

Human laws are created by life. In an area with a lot of accidents, the government will add different traffic laws. In a place with a lot of thieves, they will increase the penalty for stealing. Of course, the laws vary from place to place, since the conditions of every place are different. The laws need to be updated according to the changing circumstances and technological development.

On the contrary, laws of Torah create life. G-d, our Creator, gave us the book of instructions. Since we were created according to Torah, its laws apply always and everywhere. By following the Torah rules, we handle ourselves in the best way and can have a good and happy life.

“In the modern world it’s impossible to keep Shabbat” some people think.

“Under the current circumstances I can’t make a living totally honestly” others imagine.

Let’s remember that Torah creates life and that it is the book of instructions for a happy and good life. Whatever it says is applicable and doable, we just need to put in a little effort.

Happy Shavuot and Shabbat Shalom!


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