Why does evil exist? - Ree

Thursday, 13 August, 2020 - 7:27 am

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The air hostess in the El Al plane asks the passenger if he wants to have lunch. “What are my choices?” the passenger asks. “Yes, or no” the air hostess answers...

In this week’s Parasha Ree, G-d presents to the Jewish people one of the basic values of Judaism, the freedom of choice. We always have the choice of action, the choice between good and bad.

But why does evil exist in our lives, which stops us so many times from doing the right thing? Why did G-d create evil at all, why create something that will fight the good?

The answer lies in the basic value we mentioned, the freedom of choice. This possibility distinguishes us from the animals, who can act only according to their instincts. G-d does not want us to act like robots. He wants us to choose the right thing to do and this is why He created a second choice. Only in this way will our actions have importance and meaning.

This is why we should not get frightened when we see the evil around us. We need to remember that it is there only to give us the opportunity to make good and valuables choices. In other words, evil does not have a true existence; it is there only so we do not choose it. We will certainly overcome it!

Shabbat Shalom,


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