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A very good hiding place

Friday, 18 January, 2019 - 6:48 am

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Many years ago, the houses and most furniture was made out of wood. This meant that in case of fire, it spread very quickly. Once in a village, someone forgot a lit candle on a table. At some point, the candle fell and started a fire. Before long, the house and all the neighboring houses were on fire. The villagers noticed it and ran to put it out, stopping all their occupations. Thank G-d, they put out the fire before the whole village was burnt. 

One neighbor who was there, seeing the walls of his house on fire, ran for safety. While running, he saw a safe place and wanted to get in. But he was a big man and the place was small. Desperate though to save himself, he squashed himself and managed to get in. When the fire was over, he wanted to get out but did not succeed. He shouted for someone to help. Fortunately one of the villagers heard him and helped him to get out. Then he asked him: “How did you get in there?” He answered: “Because I really wanted to get in, I managed”.

This teaches us that with willpower, and even with willpower only, we can overcome all our obstacles.

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