7 things you didn't know about Purim and Esther's fast

Thursday, 25 February, 2021 - 3:29 pm

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1. The reading of the Meguila takes about 30 minutes. But the story of the Meguila happened over a much longer period. The events of the Meguila took place over the 14 years of Achashverosh’ reign. On the 3rd year of his reign, he killed his first wife Vashti. One the 7th year, Esther became Queen. Haman issued the decree to kill all the Jews during the 12th year, and the victory of the Jews happened during the 13th year. During the 14th and last year of Achashverosh’ reign, the Jews celebrated Purim for the first time.

2. From the moment Haman cast the lots (to decide when the most auspicious day is to kill the Jews), until he was hung, only 3 days passed (from the 13 to the 16th of the month of Nisan).

3. Achashverosh never canceled the decree to kill the Jews. The only thing he did was to give them permission to defend themselves (which means that before that, they could not even do that). So, we understand that during the (almost) entire year, the Jews were in danger of extermination.

4. The Talmud mentions that Haman, beside the order to exterminate the Jews on a physical level, also forbid them to to keep the Mitzvot and especially the following 4: Torah study, Holidays, Tefilin and Brit Mila.

5. The 13 of Adar was a day of war. All the Jews fought for their lives. On a day of war, we usually fast and pray to G-d for the victory. But those who was fighting did not fast, for they needed their strength for the battle. Only Esther, who was not in the palace and was not in danger, fasted. The fast day we have on the day before Purim is a reminder of this fast and of the war, and since only Esther fasted, the fast is called with her name: Taanit Ester.

6.  We celebrate Purim on the day that the Jews rested from the war, not on the day they won the war.

7. In the entire Meguila, the name of G-d does not appear even one time! Why? A simple explanation is that when the Persians would copy the Meguila when it was written, they would write instead of G-d’s name the name of their idols.

Shabbat Shalom and Purim Sameach!

Arie from the Yeshiva

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