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Do you like routine?

Thursday, 29 October, 2009 - 11:24 am

Some people cannot stand the routine, doing the same predictable activities day after day, having unsurprising days and weeks, they find it boring and unchallenging.

On the other hand, others thrive in their comfortable habits, they love knowing what to expect at any given time and are unsettled by changes and surprises…

The past month of Tishri was certainly not of a month of routine: every week there was another event or holiday, other activities to do, other sounds, other menus: we went from serious mood to joyful and even exuberant, we passed from the sweetness of the apple and honey to the crunchiness of “Kreplach” of Hoshana Raba not forgetting not eating at all on the fast of Yom Kippur. We heard the piercing sound of the Sofar, then the moving melodies of the Yom Kippur then the joyful songs of Simchat Torah. We also ate the holiday meals in various locations: Rosh Hashana dinner took place in the large hall of the Novotel Hotel, other holiday meals were more intimate in our home, Yom Kippur was spent in Chalkida, and Sukkot on the roof of our building in our cute Sukka (thanks Roni for your help in building it), with view to the Lykavettos and the Akropolis.

And we then suddenly find ourselves in the month of Cheshvan, devoid of Holidays, devoid of special events… back to routine in other words. After going to heights of spirituality, after experiencing intense closeness to G-d, to our traditions, we need to “readapt” to everyday life:   wake up to study, to work, to interact with our friends and colleagues without the inspiration we draw from the holidays etc…. wait, wait, what did I say? Without inspiration? That is exactly the point: we have to gather all the inspiration we got during the Holiday period and take it along with us during the whole year: Rosh Hashana gave us sweetness and commitment, Yom Kippur awoke in us G-d’s love and a determination to do good, Sukkot provided us with healthy doses and joy and optimism. And now? Laden with all those gifts, we have to lend in to the routine, open those gifts and start using them…

In any case, for us the month of Cheshvan did not bring any routine: we went to Israel for my sister-in-law’s wedding as well as the inauguration of a Sefer Torah in honor of my husband’s grandparents and brother. But we are now back, ready to find out how well we do with the routine…

Personally, I don’t like routine all that much but I must confess that I can’t remember such a thing by us, there is always something unexpected or new to occupy us J

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