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Recycling, Homeopathy and a Uniate monastery

Tuesday, 3 November, 2009 - 7:15 am

Where in heavens can possibly 3 such different themes meet? At our Shabbat table, of course.

The Shabbat before this one, we had (as usual) a variety of interesting guests from different countries: UK, Israel, and the United States.

We had just landed from Israel the same morning, and in the evening, Hanna was complaining from an earache, probably due from the pressure of landing. By perfect Hashagacha pratit (Divine providence), one of our guests, Hadassa from Denver Colorado, who specializes in homeopathy, was able to advice me on how to soothe her and help avoid an ear infection.  

Amongst other interesting stories, Leon C. shared with us his experience as a child during the Holocaust. He was hidden, with 2 other children, in a Ukrainian monastery of the Uniate Church, an interesting branch which exists only on the border of Ukraine and Poland, follows the Eastern orthodox rite but accepts the authority of the Pope. The way Leon found back, many years after the war, the 2 other hidden children (one in Israel and one in Poland)  is a long story of amazing Divine providence.

One of Leon and Jean’s children, Dave is very involved with sustainable development. Jean told us about his amazing experience of spending one year without taking out his trash, and what lessons he learned. You can read more here. He is known as “Sustainable Dave” and there is a Disney character based on him!

His motto was very inspiring to me: “no one can do everything but everyone can do something”. Sometimes, we are overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of the task of living an eco-correct life and stop our non green habits of waste. But we need not to be discouraged, we need to start with something and know that even a little change has an effect of the planet’s well being, and that all individual efforts added one to another eventually make a tangible difference.

It’s actually the same with the Mitzvot. Sometimes, looking at the state of the world, filled with violence, poverty, corruption, we can get pessimistic and think that our good actions here in our little corner of the world have little effect. But no! if each person, in his/her corner, makes the effort of changing one thing, only one little thing, give a coin, give a hand, give a smile, light a candle,  we will really see the light overtaking the world!


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