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Reaction or proaction?

Wednesday, 20 January, 2010 - 5:01 pm

There have been some really terrible news these last weeks…

On a world scale, the earthquake and human catastrophe in Haiti: the tragedy of so many lost lives, the magnitude of the devastation, the terrible images… The extent of the disaster is unfathomable…  No words to describe the horror... I think each person has been touched and has asked himself how he can help. Israel has sent a mobile hospital. Chabad is present in the Caribbean and is of course part of the relief effort. Visit their site to learn about their efforts and to donate online.
In the Jewish world, the synagogue of Hania, Crete has been the victim of 2 arson attacks in 11 days. Significant damage has been done to the library and the synagogue itself, many precious books and artifacts have been destroyed or ruined, and this very act of hatred is extremely disturbing to all of us in Greece, and abroad. The synagogue had been renovated in 1999, thanks to donations and to the untiring efforts of Mr. Stavroulakis. Please visit his blog to learn more about the synagogue, the work that needs to be done and donate to this significant cause.
On another level, these crimes need to be denounced and punished. All political leaders should come out with a clear condemnation of these anti-Semitic attacks, and make it known that such offenses will not be tolerated: they will be prosecuted, denounced and punished.  
All these actions are important. But they are only reactions.
What is crucial is to do “pro-action”. What I mean is not to wait for tragedies, for crises and for problems to act. This includes sending donations to third world countries to develop their infrastructure and their economy before terrible images of natural disasters hit the media and touch our hearts. Anti-Semitism issues should be tackled by education, communication and awareness even before such awful events happen.
This will truly mean being responsible citizens of the world and committed Jews , who work actively towards transforming the world into a peaceful and better place.
Comments on: Reaction or proaction?

rochel litzman wrote...

How profound! What a true point- to act, instead of just reacting! Thank you!