"Let there be light" - Bereshit

Thursday, 15 October, 2020 - 7:08 am

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Happy Birthday!

We have many new beginnings today. This week, we start the reading of the Torah from the beginning, after having completed it on Simchat Torah. It is also the beginning of the 6th (!) year of my Parsha column. Finally, the portion of this week Bereshit starts with the Creation of the world, the beginning of everything.

The first thing that G-d created on the first day of the Creation was light. This is surprising. The light is not an independent creature. It is useful only when there is someone like a person, animal or plant that can benefit from it. Why then did G-d start the Creation with it? The light could have waited and be created along with the plants, on the third day.

This resembles an architect who builds a house. Before he begins, he prepares a plan and defines the goal, the destination. In the same way, G-d, at the beginning of the Creation, defined its goal and destination, the light, in the spiritual sense. When we illuminate an object, we reveal it. Metaphorically, when we illuminate something or someone, we reveal his capacities and his potential, the purpose of his existence.

Many people are satisfied with considering themselves good people, only because they live peacefully and do not hurt anyone. If G-d simply wanted us not to hurt anyone, He did not need to create us… If we were not born at all, we surely would not have disturbed anyone.

G-d expects from us the positive action of bringing light, of uncovering the good and the G-dliness in everything and everyone. It is not enough not to hurt, we need to help. It is not enough not to destroy, we need to build.

Like G-d at the beginning of Creation, let us dedicate a moment at the beginning of our creative day to remember the purpose and destination of our creation: to bring light. Let this thought lead and direct the rest of our day. Thus, our days will be brighter, and our world will be better, until Mashiach comes thanks to us and our actions.

Shabbat Shalom,


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