How does positive thinking help - Shemot

Friday, 28 December, 2018 - 6:29 am

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When things get tough, we need to believe that G-d will help us. Even if we are not worthy of any miracle, we need to trust that He will save us. But how can we be so sure?

200 years ago, a Jew went to the Tsemach Tsedek, and asked him to give a blessing for his son who was very ill. The Rebbe answered: “Think positive and everything will go well”. And indeed, the end of the story was positive.

If we analyze this story, we will discover something interesting: The faith and the trust that G-d will help, were not based on any facts. On the contrary, the faith and the trust that G-d will help changed the facts, creating a whole new reality.

When a problem occurs to us, there is the possibility that G-d, for various reasons, has decided the end should not be happy. But our trust in G-d can change His decision. When a person trusts G-d, he ignores the logic and the regular thoughts. When G-d sees that, He also ignores His regular thinking. The person may not be worthy of salvation but thanks to his faith and trust in G-d, He saves him.

In this week’s Parasha Shmot, Moses kills an Egyptian soldier that was beating up a Jewish slave. The next day, suddenly, Moses realizes that the incident became known. Then, the Torah tells us that Moses was afraid and said: “"Indeed, the matter has become known!". Then Pharaoh heard about it, wanted to kill Moses and thus Moses had to flee from Egypt. But why did the Torah describe to us Moses’ feelings? What do they add to our understanding of the story?

The Torah wants to teach us that the reason that Pharaoh heard about the matter was because Moses became afraid. If Moses had absolute trust in G-d that everything will be all right, the death of the Egyptian would have been forgotten and would not have reached Pharaoh’s ears.

In other words: “Think positive and everything will go well!”

Shabbat Shalom,


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