How early should we involve the children? - Bo

Friday, 11 January, 2019 - 6:59 am

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There are various big and eternal questions: What is better, mobiles iOS or android, Coca Cola or Pepsi? The most important question started many years ago, in this week’s Parasha Bo, and continues to concern us until today.

At the beginning, Moses did not ask Pharaoh to free the Jews forever. He just asked for a 3-day permission to go to the desert to worship G-d and offer Him sacrifices. In Egypt, it would be dangerous to do it, since the sheep were the gods of the Egyptians.

After having suffered from a few of the 10 Plagues, Pharaoh proposed to Moses to give him the 3-day permission, but only to the men. The women and the children would stay in Egypt. Moses did not agree at all and insisted that everyone had to go: young and old, with their sons and daughters.

This dispute was not that simple. From one side, we have Pharaoh, who thinks that it is not necessary to involve the children in spiritual and G-dly matters: “Let them pay, and when they grow up, then we will speak to them about G-d and spirituality”.

From the other side, we have Moses, who explains to us that education has to start from a young age. As early as we can, we must teach our children about G-d and train them to behave in the way.

I choose to be like Moses. You?

Shabbat Shalom!


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