The moment of truth - Shlach

Thursday, 27 June, 2019 - 6:13 am

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What can help us to hold on in difficult moments?

Many times, at the moment of truth, all the nice theories disappear…

How many parents have guilt feelings because they screamed at their children after deciding for the umpteenth time to speak quietly to them? How many youngsters suddenly see it’s 3 am, even though they promised themselves that they will go to sleep early? How many children receive punishments because they hit their classmates, even though they have heard many times about how bad violence is? How many people on a diet have found themselves eating a 3-tier chocolate cake? The examples are endless… What can we do to help our nice theories become true in real life?

In such situations, the mind and the logic are not enough. We need something tangible, some action that will serve as a reminder.

This is one of the explanations of the mitsva of Tzitzit, about which we learn in this week’s Parasha, Shlach. Tzitzit is a square garment that men and boys wear, usually under their shirt. It has four corners, and attached to each one are 8 special fringes, with 5 knots. The numerical value of the word Tzitzit in Hebrew is 600 hundred, and together with the 5 knots and the 8 fringes, make a total of 613 – like the 613 Commandments Mitsvot in the Torah.

The Tzitzit reminds us that G-d is watching and awaits to see if we will succeed in doing His will. This tangible reminder many times can save us from stumbling and giving in to our instincts.

The Tzitzit are not expensive, they do not bother the one who wears it and it are not visible to all. It is preferable to have the fringes outside the cloth, in order to see them, but even if they are hidden inside or in the pants pockets, they still do their job. Why not grab the opportunity to do, without much difficulty, another Mitzva that will bring joy to G-d?

Shabbat Shalom,


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