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The fatal mistake - Tisha Beav

Thursday, 30 July, 2020 - 4:14 am

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We always look for whom to blame when we are in pain. It is a human instinct. Would you like to know what is to be blamed for all our troubles?

Many years ago, in the Land of Israel, a wealthy man made a feast and invited many of the important people in town. His servant distributed the invitations, but he made a fatal mistake. Instead of inviting Kamtsa, a friend of the wealthy man, he invited Bar Kamtsa, an enemy of his… Bar Kamtsa was surprised by the invitation but he thought that his enemy wanted to reconcile with him. When the day of the feast came, he wore his best clothes and went to the celebration.

When the wealthy man saw Bar Kamtsa in the party hall, he became very angry and started yelling at him. Bar Kamtsa understood the mistake, but he was embarrassed to leave in such a way. He pleaded with the host to allow him to stay, promising that he will pay for his meal. The host would not listen to anything. Even when Bat Kamtsa offered to pay for the whole feast just to avoid the humiliation, the wealthy man refused and threw him out of the hall.

Bar Kamtsa was hurt and enraged. There were so many important people in the hall and not even one of them tried to help him and save him from the humiliation! He decided to take a global revenge. He traveled to Rome and slandered the Jews, accusing them of fomenting a revolt against the Cesar. This is how the destruction of Jerusalem started. Finally, the Romans burnt the Holy Temple, killed many Jews and exiled the rest of them.

Essentially, all our problems started there. During the Exile (Galut), G-d’s presence is not revealed, resulting in many material and spiritual troubles. When Mashiach comes, this entire problem will be resolved, and with it all the other problems. G-d’s presence will be revealed. Peace and brotherhood will reign everywhere. Everyone will have abundance. Illnesses will disappear and the dead will resurrect.

Today, on the 9th of the month of Av, we fast and we mourn the beginning of the destruction, the hatred between ourselves. It is an appropriate day to decide to stop all this pain. How? By uprooting the cause of the Exile. Because of senseless hatred, our Temple was destroyed. In the merit of our love and brotherhood, the Temple will be rebuilt, and the Redemption will arrive.

May it be very soon!


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