You dream of getting married in Greece?
Your "Kosher Greek Wedding" can become a reality!


You can now make a Kosher event in Greece, without compromising on the quality or your Kosher standards.

The Dipnosofistirion Catering, which is a prestigious catering in Greece for over 20 years, has established a Kosher department for quality Glatt Kosher events, weddings, Bar Mitzvahs etc., combining their culinary expertise with the highest standards of Kosher certification.

Deipnosofistirion has created a separate and dedicated kitchen for the exclusive use of Kosher events, in collaboration with, and under the supervision of, Rabbi Mendel Hendel (Chabad of Greece).  It adheres to the highest Kosher standards, which includes the use of high-quality Kosher Lamehadrin ingredients only, full Kosher supervision at all stages of the food preparation and service, as well as exclusive Kosher equipment and dishes.

Dipnosofistirion can organize your event anywhere in Greece, from the Athens Riviera to the Greek islands such as Mykonos and Santorini, including prestigious venues to which Dipnosofistirion has exclusive access.

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