Is there a Kosher restaurant in Athens?

Yes! The Gostijo Glatt Kosher restaurant (Besari). More information here.

Can we have Kosher meals delivered to the Greek islands, Mykonos/Santorini/Crete etc.? 

Yes, you can order Kosher ready meals or products with delivery to the islands here

Are there Shabbat meals we can attend?

You are welcome to join us for the Shabbat meals at the Chabad House in Athens, please reserve. Alternatively, you can order a Shabbat package though our catering service.

What is the candle lighting time in Athens/Mykonos/Santorini/Crete etc. ?

Click here for Shabbat times in Athens. For candle lighting in another location, click here, then click "change location" and choose your city/island, as well as the Shabbat date.

When is Nets? When is Shekia?

You can find all Halachic times here

Can we sleep at the Chabad house?

No, we do not have sleeping accommodations, but there are many hotels in all price ranges, close to us. Some suggestions here.

Which hotels are close to the Chabad House? Do they have regular keys (for Shabbat)?

You can find a list of suggested hotels within walking distance of the Chabad House here. It mentions which ones have keys suitable for Shabbat.

Is there a Mikvah in Athens?

Yes, there is a Mikvah for women (not for men). For more information and to make an appointment click here.

What is the Hechsher of the restaurant?

The restaurant is under the supervision of Rabbi Mendel Hendel from Chabad of Athens. It is Glatt Kosher, Chalak Bet Yosef, Bishul Israel. 

What Kosher products can I find in regular supermarkets?

You can find here a Kosher list with products that can be found in regular supermarkets. Please check carefully each product for their level of supervision. 

Are the candies and ice cream we know from Israel, Kosher here as well?

No, not always. There are products which belong to global international companies, who manufacture them with the same name/logo in different places and with different ingredients which may be not kosher. 

Is there an Eiruv in Athens?

No, there is no Eiruv in Athens.

Are there Jewish tours?

Yes, you can find a few suggestions here.