2nd floor of the  Chabad House.
Aisopou 10,  Athens 10554 

Map and directions HERE.

Shabbat Prayer Times:

There is BH a Minyan for all prayers of Shabbat.

Friday Mincha and Arvit: Candlelighting time
Shabbat Shacharit: 10:00
Mincha followed by Arvit: Candlelighting time 

Weekday Prayer Times:

Mincha and Arvit: 10 minutes before Shkia - sunset.
Shacharit: 8:00

There is usually a Minyan for Mincha and Arvit (at candle lighting time), and very often for Shacharit, but it is not guaranteed.

Please join the Minyan WhatsApp group when you arrive to Athens to receive daily updates about the Minyan. To join, click here. (Please note that this group is exclusively for Minyan updates and not for general information).