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Yom Kippur blood libel, USA, 1928

... Or why it's so important to know FACTS about Judaism!!!! 

Answers to the questions: JLI seminar " Fascinating Facts" 

A robotic Seder - Amazing!

What if Moses had Google?

Towards a meaningful life

New JLI Kabbalah course coming to Athens, in February 2011. More info in english or in Greek:

Happy Tu Bishvat

Today is the 15th day of the month of Shevat (20/01/2011) and we celebrate the New Year for the trees. 

"My Zaide" - by Moshe Yess

Composer and singer Moshe Yess past away last Motzei shabbat, 4 Shvat 5771. Baruch Dayan Haemet. This is one of his famous songs, and in my mind, so poignant, and so relevant to our lives as Jews in Diaspora.


 My Zayde

My Zayde lived with us in my parents' home,
He used to laugh, he put me on his knee.
He spoke about his life in Poland,
He spoke, but with a bitter memory.

He spoke about the soldiers who would beat him;
They laughed at him, they tore his long black coat.
And he spoke about a synagogue that they burned down,
And the crying that was heard beneath the smoke.

But Zayde made us laugh,
Zayde made us sing,
And Zayde made a kiddush Friday night;
And Zayde, oh, my Zayde,
How I loved him so,
And Zayde used to teach me wrong from right.

His eyes lit up when he would teach me Torah,
He taught me every line so carefully.
He spoke about our slavery in Egypt,
And how G-d took us out to make us free.

But winter went by,
Summer came along,
I went to camp to run and play.
And when I came back home,
They said, "Zayde's gone,"
And all his books were packed and stored away.

I don't know how or why it came to be,
It happened slowly over many years,
We just stopped being Jewish
like my Zayde was,
And no one cared enough to shed a tear.


But many winters went by,
And many summers came along,
And now my children sit in front of me.
And who will be the Zayde of my children,
Who will be their Zayde, if not me?

Who will be the Zaydes of our children,
Who will be their Zaydes, if not we?

Here is the yiddish version:


Happy Chanukah

Chanukah is coming up next week, 1-9 of December 2010. If you need any candles, you know the address....

For more Jewtube Chanukah clips, scroll down to last year's posts :)

106 old Holocaust survivor plays piano


Women in Talmud - Helena

Helena - Women of the Talmud | Portraits in Leadership from on Vimeo.

Note: A nazarite is one who sets himself apart for Divine service by undertaking certain ascetic restrictions like not drinking wine and eating grapes, not cutting his hair...

Portraits in Leadership

Timeless tales for inspired living!!! A JLI course taking place right now in 300 cities around the world, icnluding Athens :)

JLI's Portraits in Leadership: Timeless Tales for Inspired Living from on Vimeo.

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