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Athens Mikvah Fundraising Campaign

The goal: To build an accessible and welcoming Mikvah in the center of Athens according to the highest Halachic standards, making it easy and practical for locals as well as travelers to observe this essential Mitzvah.  

» Where is the construction up to?
Baruch Hashem, we have purchased a building near the Chabad House in a very convenient location in central Athens. This is an old building of 80 m2.

So far, we have completed the plans of the Mikve, we applied and are waiting for the final building permit.

The next step will be to put the concrete for the water tank and the Mikve structure.

The following steps will be the construction of the Mikve entrance and preparation rooms as well as the interior design and furnishing.

Please donate generously to make this project a reality

» Pictures

Building current.JPGIMG_2825.JPG    IMG_20180212_181120.jpg

IMG_2827.JPGIMG_2826.JPG     IMG_2828.JPG

Plan.jpgv3.jpg     Hendel Mikva vid 3.jpg

Please donate generously to make this project a reality

Please check back for more updates!
Upcoming Events
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